Because it cannot be bought, love is the rarest commodity in the world.
How can we get it, then? Where do we get the solutions to our problems?
In Albert Camus’ last university lecture, he put it beautifully:

"I believe...that it is awakened, revived, nourished by
millions of solitary individuals whose deeds and works every day
negate frontiers and the crudest implications of history. As a result,
there shines forth fleetingly the ever threatened truth that each and
every man, on the foundations of his own sufferings and joys,
builds for them all."
The solutions have to come from each of us, the very people
who need them. We all need love, so we all must give it.
This is the drive behind my efforts. I wish to spend my life serving
the people of our world, and to continually improve the way I serve it.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

"What the world needs now is love..."

We Are All Connected A recent post on Notes to Self has called to mind (although it should always be there) the fact that love heals everything. Love even keeps things from needing healing. Love does everything we want it to, when you and I show it, at least. If we don't we had better hope that others are, or we'll be about smooshed pretty quickly. What I'm saying is that if people aren't helping other people, if there are no relationships in which we can lean on others (literally or figuratively), then what do we have? Kids have to lean on parents, friends, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers. Parents have to lean on spouses, parents, friends, coworkers, teachers, babysitters, mail deliverers. And each group named has to lean on a million others.

(If you have your sound up, "Give Me Your Eyes" on my playlist would go great with this post. Of course, "Lean On Me" by Bill Withers does too, but that's not on my playlist lol.)

Unfortunately, not everyone has enough people to lean on. In fact almost nobody does. The world isn't perfect, but you know what, all that means is that we have work to do. People out there need to be picked up. Yeah I know, YOU need help too. "Who's gonna pick me up," you're probably thinking. Well, if you're thinking that, you probably don't have enough love in your life. How does it feel? I guarantee that once we all start worrying about others, we'll find that the loads and loads of problems we once had seem like nothing. Probably because they're mostly gone.

We'll always have problems; nobody is perfect. Together, however, is the only way we'll ever be even close to perfect. I think we all can admit that we can't do everything on our own. So, if you were standing in a room with me and everyone else, and everybody admitted at the same time that we need help, wouldn't you want to help the people next to you?

Plus, there's always the God who sent Mr. Jesus who never stopped talking about love. We can always lean on him; I think he knows a thing or two that might help.

Love is where it's at, right?

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Lana Besirevic said...

I find an harmony in reading the words of yours. I believe there is so much hope for everyone who believes and wishes for a better world and I believe love is what can bring us closer, closer to at least understand the lives of ours :)

Timmy said...

Lana, thank you so much! I'm sorry that I did not catch your comment until now, I had taken a bit of a hiatus from this blog of mine. I am considering starting to put at least a little bit of time towards it, once again. I'll check your blog out, in the meantime :]