Because it cannot be bought, love is the rarest commodity in the world.
How can we get it, then? Where do we get the solutions to our problems?
In Albert Camus’ last university lecture, he put it beautifully:

"I believe...that it is awakened, revived, nourished by
millions of solitary individuals whose deeds and works every day
negate frontiers and the crudest implications of history. As a result,
there shines forth fleetingly the ever threatened truth that each and
every man, on the foundations of his own sufferings and joys,
builds for them all."
The solutions have to come from each of us, the very people
who need them. We all need love, so we all must give it.
This is the drive behind my efforts. I wish to spend my life serving
the people of our world, and to continually improve the way I serve it.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blagojevich Allowed To Go Ice Fishing

My new haircut feels great. I got up at 7 this morning to go visit Mrs. Thorp. I'm keeping it long for the winter, the first time I have ever gone in to see her and kept it long. She was happy; she likes it long.

On the way home I was listening to the Awake With Jake show on WCPT - Chicago's Progressive Talk. A guest was referring to a past case in which a government official facing indictment was allowed to reach into his frozen campaign funds in order to pay for his lawyer. This guest also said that Mr. Blagojevich is being allowed the same privilege.

Now, regardless of what, when, and how he did anything, doesn't this seem a little unfair? Apparantly this is allowed under the 6th Amendment to the United States Constitution. The amendment guarantees counsel for the defense of the accused. That is great; everybody should have that; I agree. But why is he allowed to delve into normally frozen funds in order to pay for a fancy lawyer? Shouldn't he be appointed an attorney like anybody else? Why does he get to dig into his frozen assets? This seems like yet another privilege that a rich person with power in America gets to create and enjoy.

What do you think is fair in this situation?

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Like A Storm

I agree, it looks impracticalSometimes I daydream and wonder what it was like in the hundreds of other times in mankind's history where political corruption ruined a state, even an empire. People may or may not have thought the world was over. If they panicked, they eventually found out that it was only a passing, unfortunate situation. Like a terrible thunderstorm, while in the midst of it, chaos is everywhere and one wonders if it will ever cease to be so insane. When the storm fades, moves on to another part of the world, things are often more beautiful than ever.

I find it fascinating to see how freaked out Americans are.

The simple fact is: the world carries on. Our lives carry on regardless of the financial situation of a country or even our own family. Sometimes I wish we could all just be broke. The distractions would be gone. Then it would be all about food, water, and love.

What do you long to see in this world?

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Silly Plastic Bags

I agree, it looks impracticalI'm not a whimp! Why do I need this little bag to carry my sandwich to the car(I don't get oil and vinegar)? Every time I go to subway (a couple of time a week in between classes) they shove my sandwich and some napkins into a plastic bag and I slip a couple fingers through the tiny hole and walk out to my car (I eat at the school). Well I stopped taking the bags! I few times ago I just politely said, "I don't need the bag." Well, I don't, do I?

I don't think I do. It is one thing, anyway, if I am walking back to my car, and back into the school building to sit, eat, and chat with some friends. Maybe some people wouldn't like to carry their sandwich in-hand all that way. I don't really mind, frankly. It isn't that big of a deal. It is another thing entirely when a Subway shopper takes their sandwich in the bag and walk 10 feet to a booth and takes it out again!! Right? lol. Whether you're a tree hugger (whatever that means these days) or not, do you really need a bag for a single sandwich? I can tell you from experience, they are not hard to carry, even with one hand.

What do you think about Subway's plastic bags? What do you think about plastic bags in general?

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Parking Lot Patience

We are here to serve each other I attend Waubonsee Community College(WCC) in Sugar Grove, Illinois, USA. Because it is a community college, everybody commutes to the campus. In fact, many students drive from one side of the campus to the other if they have classes on both ends. This activity is especially frequent when it gets colder (like now). Oh and there is fairly limited parking at WCC.

Everyday, before every class, there is a little competition in the parking lot for the closest spot. Cars whizz up and down full rows, and the drivers crane their necks to glimpse an open space first. As time goes the competition moves further and further from the building, but some extremely hopeful drivers can still be seen scanning the rows nearest to the building. Does it seem right that two people can go from having great conversation and laughing together in class to holding animosity towards each other over a 9x18 foot piece of pavement? Would you feel proud of yourself if you aggressively sped up to and into a parking space to beat another driver only to get out of your car and see that he parked one car over? Now how do you feel walking into the building with them near you? (I've seen it happen; it's funny [and kinda pitiful] when it's not me who stole the spot.)

Today, for the first time, I parked at the edge of the parking lot and happily fought the chilling wind and snow over the next 500 feet to the building that my next class was in. I survived. Now, I'm not saying you always have to park at the very edge of the parking lot. I did because there were probably about 10 spaces left in the whole thing, so I thought 9 other people could have the closer ones (mine was the only space left in the last row). I worked on my patience(which could be a lot better) and thought about the people's days that might be made all that much better.

It felt good knowing that other students would be happy to get a close spot and not have to walk as far. I mean, I have no trouble walking. I have long legs, plenty of layers on to keep warm, (I don't even get cold super easily) my skin doesn't instantly dry out like some people's can, so why can't I assume that someone else needs those other spots more than I do? Well I can, because I love people! And I will keep assuming that people will gain something from such an act! I was patient and felt pleasure(the joyous kind) in a parking lot! :]

Would you park a couple spaces further from your grocery store so that someone else can have a shorter walk? Or do you think helping people in this way is a bit extreme?

And a couple unrelated, humorous parking/parking lot vidoes from YouTube: An actual story: Andrew's Parking Rage + BBC Coverage of the Rage Malcolm in the Middle clip: You Don't Have To Take That Tone

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